Monarchs/ Notecards

My Journey Building

a Monarch Wildlife Habitat

Now I Need Your Help

Due to continued habitat destruction, the iconic Monarch butterfly population has dropped 90% over the last several decades. The Monarch is now listed as an endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 

I witnessed the decline growing up in the Midwest. I knew it was humans doing and climate change but we could do something about it. Plant MILKWEED. 

So, when I moved into a rental unit managed by Habitat for Humanity, I felt so honored to have a yard.  It was like winning the lottery. There was this empty patch of space on the corner crying out for plants. I slowly removed the debris. Terri Burton, my friend/neighbor, and I discussed possibilities to plant a garden. In that backyard of indecision, the plan took root.

So, Terri, helped me dig holes and plant milkweed and other nectar blooming flowers to bring monarchs around inside and outside. 

Needless to say, our work has paid off. We now have monarchs flying, caterpillars eating milkweed leaves and chrysalis (cocoon) in the great circle of the life of monarchs. Watching our early success of butterfly’s flying and feeding off flower looming plants, Terri came up with a slogan, painted a sign on old piece of wood I had, and officially declared the street renamed to “Flutterby Lane.” The sign hangs proudly on the fence above the fence right across from the official designation as “Certified Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation.

I decided to photograph the life cycle of a monarch. As a news documentary photographer (among many other hats), I had to captured these so others can see the beauty.  I photographed the monarch from the eggs to throughout the whole stages of their lifecycle. 

Nine of those photographs were turned into notecards with the idea of the money going to support local monarch habitats maintenance and expansion. Now other neighbors are interested. My goal is to see Monarchs flying in every neighborhood on our island.

Please help by purchasing my cards.

Purchase of these cards will help grow Monarch habitats.


High gloss images outside 

Mat inside blank. 

Back of card reads “Net profits from the sale of these cards benefit the building and maintenance of our local Key West Monarch habitats. Let’s help them survive and thrive all over this island. All photographs taken within a Key West Monarch habitat built by local photographer Mary Martin.” 

Please email me,, to purchase.